Recapping NCTE: Reflecting on the Importance of Community

There is a home in my 300-house subdivision sandwiched between two other houses that has a wreath on it that says “Welcome to Our Farmhouse”. I never thought I’d identify with and/or relate so much to an inanimate object. We pass it every morning on our 2 mile walk, and every time, it makes meContinue reading “Recapping NCTE: Reflecting on the Importance of Community”

Happy Birthday, Literacy In Place!

Yesterday, I realized that today is the one year anniversary of announcing the launch of Literacy In Place!  I’m not usually one for quantitative data, but here are some numbers. Since the launch, LIP has clocked:  5,721 views 2,429 visitors 11 likes  7 comments What does this mean? Quite frankly, I’m not sure I knowContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Literacy In Place!”