Fate for a Cat by Allison Strange | Ep. 1 Summary & Analysis

In this episode, I talk about Allison Strange’s winning story, Fate for a Cat. I read a bit from the beginning, give a summary, and then give a brief analysis of how place and rurality function in the story and how/why I connected it to it. Learn more about why I started the Rural TeenContinue reading “Fate for a Cat by Allison Strange | Ep. 1 Summary & Analysis”

Rural Teen Writing Contest Series | Episode 0

I’m so excited to be kicking off the series where I talk about this year’s winner of the Literacy In Place Rural Teen Writing Contest! Before I get to talking about Allison Strange’s story “Fate for a Cat” I wanted to do a special episode where I talk about why this thing even exists –Continue reading “Rural Teen Writing Contest Series | Episode 0”

“Fate for a Cat” by Allison Strange

2022 Winner | Rural Teen Writing Contest Of course, no one can promise that your leaves will stay green and the frost doesn’t devastate your harvest. Of course, this is only speculation; fate has a grip on us that even the heartiest sun cannot unshackle. Eden learned this fast when her strawberries met their endContinue reading ““Fate for a Cat” by Allison Strange”

“Heart Strings” by Kevin Evilsizer

Runner-Up | Rural Teen Writing Contest Looking out the window I see the faint light of the sun cresting the horizon. The lush green fields are ever so slightly kissed by the colorful mix of the morning sunrise. My father is already up and about feeding the animals out in the distance. I get upContinue reading ““Heart Strings” by Kevin Evilsizer”

“Roof Top Farmer” by Luke Urban

2022 Honorable Mention | Rural Teen Writing Contest Rain pellted against a glass window. “Another storm?” I mumbled. This meant another day wasted instead of working on rotating our crops and animals.  How that works is, one season, we have the crops planted in an area and lets say chickens in another. The next season,Continue reading ““Roof Top Farmer” by Luke Urban”