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Writing who we are – as connected to the places we’re from and where we are now

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This space is a place for rural and (non)rural teachers (really, teachers from anywhere) to process and re-story their place-connected personal and professional identities through writing and art.

As a rural teacher, and as a rural person in general, I’ve always felt like no one really cares about my story. Or that my story didn’t matter very much. But the more I work with rural teachers and rural out-migrant teachers, the more I come to realize just how untrue that is. So, I’ve made this space for us to tell our stories and explore how we’re all connected to place(s).

I’d love to hear your story, so please reach out if you’d like to contribute!

Author Talk | Tim Lockette

Whippoorwill Award winning author Tim Lockette and I talk about TELL IT TRUE, how his rural background influences his writing, what it means and can look like to challenge rural stereotypes, how reading can influence your writing, and rural language practices. Shout-outs to Dr. Sarah J Donovan and EthicalELA. Get the book: https://bookshop.org/a/86567/9781644210826 More informationContinue reading “Author Talk | Tim Lockette”

Guest Post | Gretchen Schroeder

I’m so excited for this guest contribution! I’ve written on here quite a bit about my own efforts to work through and understand my identity as a rural person who is now an out-migrant. I’ve also discussed my analysis of the tensions in rural identity in Nora Shalaway Carpenter‘s short story “Close Enough”. Which reallyContinue reading “Guest Post | Gretchen Schroeder”

Tell It True by Tim Lockette Episode 2

In this episode, I talk about some ideas for teaching Tell It True, including turning the class into a newsroom, partnering with the art class for printing, and sharing with the community and school. Resources From This Episode Daily Yonder Article: https://dailyyonder.com/meet-the-77-year-old-woman-keeping-her-towns-newspaper-the-montezuma-record-alive-as-its-last-remaining-employee/2022/07/06/ Get the book: https://bookshop.org/a/86567/9781644210826 More information about Tim Lockette: https://timlockette.com/


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