How can rural libraries better serve young adult readers?

Novels like Jojo Moyes’s The Giver of Stars, Kathleen M. Jacobs’s Sophie and the Book Mobile, and Kim Michele Richardson’s The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek all highlight the importance of books to rural readers and the lengths folks have been willing to go, to make sure that there were books in rural spaces toContinue reading “How can rural libraries better serve young adult readers?”

What does it mean for higher education to be rural located and rural serving?

Recently, both The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Education reported on research that is working to identify and define institutions of higher education that are rural located and rural serving. In this week’s blog, Dr. Casey T. Jakubowski responds to and offers critiques of these efforts, questioning who the work really serves. OfferingContinue reading “What does it mean for higher education to be rural located and rural serving?”

Investing in Community: Gaston’s The Barking Cow

First, A Little History:  In elementary school, I remember going to a school convocation in Harrison Elementary where a woman taught us about the history of Gaston. All I remember is that the town sprang up in the 1850s because of the natural gas boom. Thus the name Gas-town – Gaston. The pocket wasn’t asContinue reading “Investing in Community: Gaston’s The Barking Cow”