Meet Anna Grace

Anna Grace grew up in a small town in Missouri. After going to school K-12 with roughly the same 30 kids, she went to a larger-but-still-pretty rural town for college. She studied design and education and was surrounded by many people experiencing “rural” for the first time. There, she began to see the pattern of rural people being misunderstood and underrepresented and the need for better understanding. She then taught primary school there and had the first-hand challenge of providing students with characters in literature that both widened their viewpoints and allowed them to see themselves in the pages. An avid life-long reader, Anna believes in the power of stories to connect people and help us better understand one another. She’s excited to lend her design expertise and passion for rural stories to Literacy In Place and to be part of this growing online rural community.

If you’re interested in working with us and would like to volunteer, please send us a message!

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