For Classroom Teachers

Do you teach in a rural school or a school that serves rural students? Want to learn more about using critical rural pedagogies? I offer professional development packages with various topics and will tailor PD to the needs of your department, school, and/or district. Visit Crossroads Educational Consultants, LLC to learn more.

For Teacher Educators

Keynotes: I am available for keynote talks and presentations. Topics include critical rural pedagogy (in ELA and across content areas), rural YA literature, place-conscious reading and writing instruction. I will customize my talk to your needs.

Guest Lectures and Campus Visits: I’m available for virtual visits to YA Lit courses, ELA methods courses, and Curriculum and Instruction departments to present about how place and rurality shape our reading and meaning making of texts. I am happy to collaborate with you so that my talk meets the needs of your students and/or faculty.

Classroom Collaborations: Are you teaching rural YAL in your YA Lit class or ELA methods courses? I would be happy to host videos created by students on the Reading Rural YAL YouTube Channel. Will you be working on some place-based writing with students where rural and rural out-migrant students can write about their experiences in the world? I would love to host their writing on the (Non)Rural Voices blog! I’m also open to collaborating in other ways that make sense for you and the needs and goals of your course and students.

Chea’s presentation to our students, faculty, and local teachers was a well-crafted combination of exciting theory and discussion that got us thinking about how place affects us as readers and teachers. I came away with several new ideas for my writing and literature pedagogy courses.

Dr. Alison Heron Hruby, Associate Professor of English Education at Morehead State University

For Libraries and Librarians

Folk Writing and Community Literacy Workshops: Part of my passion is inspiring rural people to tell their stories. I have designed writing workshops to encourage and provide space for rural people to tell their stories. Workshops include the opportunity to publish their work in physical volumes as well as on the (Non)Rural Voices blog.

If you are wanting a program that highlights the importance of preserving rural family stories, then check out Dr. Parton’s creative writing workshop. The workshop is an amazing opportunity for those interested in writing down their local family history but don’t know where to begin. Dr. Parton teaches and guides people on how to start their family stories, providing feedback every step of the way.  From the first session to the last session, the people in your community will be able to come together to share their stories in a safe and powerful way. We hope she comes back to us one day!

-Tipton County Public Library

For more information or to schedule an event, contact me!

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