Suggested Readings

Rural Visibility in Preservice Teacher Education: An (in-progress) Annotated Bibliography

There is a rich and still growing scholarly community and body of research surrounding the experiences of rural teachers and students. However, in my own teacher preparation program and graduate work, rural teaching and preparing good teachers for those places was seldom mentioned. Because we never know where our future teachers are going to land, covering the affordances and constraints of living and teaching across rural, urban, suburban, and rurban spaces is important.

The field of teacher education is by and large a metro- centric field which made locating literature for my rural-focused dissertation a bit challenging. I hope this bibliography is helpful for teacher educators and graduate students who would like to know more about rural education but experience the same challenges I did in locating that work.

For now, it is a suggested reading list, but I will be updating it to include annotations, so make sure you check back (or get in touch) if you’re curious about a particular work.

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