Author Talk – Drs. Rob Petrone & Allison Wynhoff Olsen

In this episode, Petrone and Wynhoff Olsen talk about their connections to rural places and the inspiration for their book. We discuss the affordances and challenges of living and teaching in rural places, work to outline what a critical rural English Pedagogy is, and how teachers and teachers educators can use critical rural pedagogy in diverse rural (and non rural) classrooms.

Petrone and Wynhoff Olsen give even more background information on the book, the chapters, and the units designed by their teacher co-authors, as well as discuss steps that rural English teachers could take today to make their curriculum and instruction more critically rural.

I had such a blast and learned so much from doing this talk, and I hope you do to!

Author Talk: Rob Petrone & Allison Wynhoff Olsen

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