Author Talk: Pedro Brown Hoffmeister

In this episode, I talk with Pedro Brown Hoffmeister about so many things! To say this was a great conversation is a massive understatement. Pedro is such an insightful human being and excellent storyteller. This one is definitely a can’t-miss conversation.

If you enjoy it even half as much as I did, I would appreciate if you would like, comment, subscribe. It would help me out immensely. Also, if you’re listening to the podcast version, if you could review it on Apple Podcasts, etc. that would also help me and help other folks find it. Thanks so much!

Time Codes & Topics

  • 02:02 Why rural stories matter
  • 10:19 The rural setting of TOO SHATTERED
  • 17:49 Making sense of the world through nature
  • 21:12 Capturing the complexity of humanity
  • 24:45 How being the worst writer in the class can be the best thing
  • 30:30 The importance of revision
  • 34:17 The metro-centricity & middle-class privilege in curriculum
  • 37:55 The need for a more diverse teaching force
  • 45:50 Ideas and techniques for teaching writing
  • 48:43 Authentic rural dialogue
  • 59:10 Future projects – AMERICAN AFTERLIFE
  • 1:02:28 Race, racism, and rurality
Author Talk: Pedro Brown Hoffmeister

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