RRYAL: Author Talk – JR Jamison

In this interview, J.R. and I talk about everything from his rural background and its impact on his writing, building bridges across difference, the importance of translanguaging, and his writing life and advice for aspiring authors.

See specific time codes below.

  • 01:26 His rural background and its impact on his writing
  • 07:58 Why he writes
  • 11:26 The importance of writing to reflect and identify bias
  • 15:00 Building bridges across difference
  • 19:35 Silos & echo chambers
  • 21:36 Family and rural life
  • 24:50 Learning to be an out-migrant
  • 26:24 Translanguaging
  • 31:58 His writing life
  • 38:37 What he’s go in the works
  • 44:18 Advice for aspiring writers
Author Talk: JR Jamison

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