RRYAL: Nora Shalaway Carpenter’s Rural Voices Episode 3

In this episode, I walk through each of the individual pieces in the Rural Voices anthology, discussing what I liked or thought was important about them and share a favorite quote from each.

Here are the time codes:

  • 01:05 The (Unhealthy) Breakfast Club by Monica Roe
  • 01:54 The Hole of Dark Kill Hollow by Rob Costello
  • 02:29 A Border Kid Comes of Age by David Bowles
  • 03:00 Fish and Fences by Veeda Bybee
  • 03:54 Close Enough by Nora Shalaway Carpenter
  • 04:14 Whiskey and Champagne by SA Cosby
  • 04:58 What Home Is by Ashley Hope Perez
  • 05:46 Island Rodeo Queen by Yamile Saied Mendez
  • 06:21 Grandpa by Randy DuBurke
  • 07:00 Best in Show by Tirzah Price
  • 08:01 Praise the Lord and Pass the Little Debbies by David Macinnis Gill
  • 08:47 The Cabin by Nasugraq Rainey Hopson
  • 09:45 Black Nail Polish by Shae Carys
  • 10:29 Secret Menu by Veeda Bybee
  • 11:05 Pull Up a Seat Around the Stove by Joseph Bruchac
  • 11:43 Home Waits by Estelle Laure (please don’t come for me over my mispronunciation of Taos, NM)
Rural Voices: Episode 3

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