Classroom Teachers & Professional Development Opportunities

Welcome, y’all! I envision this as a space where y’all can come for teaching inspiration and professional development. I am passionate about working with in-service teachers to live their best lives in the classroom.

For my part, I’d love to support you in working to develop place-connected teaching practices that speak directly to the lives of you and your students. My other areas of expertise include cultivating humanizing practices of teaching reading and writing, creating diverse and culturally responsive classroom libraries, teaching young adult literature, arts-based teaching approaches, content area literacies, critical literacy practices, and data-informed practices.

I am also working to establish rural-focused book clubs that read both professional and young adult texts. As the only tenth grade ELA and AP teacher where I taught, I was the 10th-grade and AP teams. There were few to no opportunities to talk with other rural 10th grade teachers when I was grappling with something – either teaching a standard, designing a unit, navigating my six preps and volleyball coaching and basketball coaching and drama club start-up. So, I understand how necessary it is to have a space to connect with others who understand the beautiful things and challenges about teaching in rural schools.

If you’d like to join a book club, be a member of our community, or work with me, please visit my business page, Crossroads Educational Consultants, to learn how.

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